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 The Black Market... (TBM)

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Pvp Me Pls

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PostSubject: The Black Market... (TBM)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:17 pm

Well guys, this is Pvp Me Pls, i'm making a server clan so join if you have the following requirements..


You must have 2 99 combat stats, or 1 99 combat stat if your a pure (1 def).
You must be above combat level 95.
You must not be afraid to pk.
You must not be afraid to do clan events.
You must wear the clans outfit while pking (will be like a special cape).
You are not aloud to ask your fellow clan members for money.
You must vote for this server as much as possible.

If you have the requirements, please reply to this post..

Copy and Paste this for your reply.

In-game name?:
Do you have any 99 combat stats? if so what are they?:
What is your Combat level?:
Are you an experienced pker?:
Will you go on events with the clan as much as possible?:
Will you wear our clan's pking outfit while pking?:
Will you tell me if you have a suggestion for our clan?:
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The Black Market... (TBM)
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